A Miami man, whose name was B.J. had been dying to go to the Super Bowl, and by luck (and $500 to a scalper) he was able to get in. But his seat was up in the nosebleed section, tucked in the corner of the stadium; his best view was of the Goodyear Blimp! Luckily, he had brought his binoculars with him, and during the first quarter, it caught his eye that there was an empty seat 8 rows from the field off the 50-yard line! By the end of the quarter, he just couldn't stand it, and got up and made his way around the stadium, slipped past the ticket-checkers, and found the empty seat. B.J. asked the man beside the seat if it was taken, and the reply came like music to his ears; "No, you're welcome to sit here." His pulse shot up and he practically had a seizure, but he managed to get into the seat and regain his composure... Mostly. "I can't believe it! Who would have missed the Super Bowl with seats like these?!? This is the most amazing experience of my life!" The man beside him suddenly became very somber, and told him, "Actually, the seat belongs to me, too. My wife and I were planning on being here together, but, she just recently passed away. Oh, we were always crazy about football, in fact, this is the first Super Bowl we haven't been together at since we got married, 28 years ago." A tear was forming in his eye, when the second quarter began and the man's attention was quickly drawn to chearing (and jumping) for his team's first rush. After the tackle, the man settled back into his seat, and B.J. felt he should reply. "Oh, I'm sorry. That's really sad," he said, "but still, couldn't you find anyone to take this seat? A relative, or close friend of the family?" "No," the man replied, pausing again and bowing his head slightly, "They're all at the funeral."

source: Anonymous tags: Gender Issues, Humor