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Religious Ritual

In order to see who is the most holy, they decide to bet on whether they can each convert a bear to their faith, and they agree to meet the next day to compare results. The next day the priest goes first - he's a little bruised and scratched and his clothes are a little torn - and says, "I prayed over the bear and sprinkled some holy water on him, and behold! he was baptized into the faith and became a Christian." The minister stands up - he has one arm in a cast and a big claw mark on his face - and says, "Brothers, I brought the bear down to the river and dunked him in the water until Satan came out of him and he was saved!" They both turn to the rabbi, who's in bed in a full body cast and his head wrapped in bandages, and in a weak voice he says, "In retrospect, I shouldn't have started with circumcision."

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