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These are quotes which stood out to me, possibly for use in a sermon someday. Their presence here does not mean I agree with them, it merely shows that I might want to reference them later. The default view is five random selections. Use the tag list on the right to view all quotes relevant to that theme.

"Every game ever invented by mankind is a way of making things hard for the fun of it."

In November, U.S. marshals in Detroit confiscated the belongings of Marie Antoinette Jackson-Randolph, a former high-society, day-care chain owner, who is now in prison for scamming the government out of $13.5 million in meal money for underprivileged children she allegedly fed at her centers. Among her "estate": 100 pieces of Baccarat, Waterford and Lalique crystal, 911 purses, 606 pairs of shoes, 165 pairs of boots, a roomful (floor to ceiling) of costume jewelry, and various fur and skin garments (leopard, coyote, mink, fox, sable, chinchilla, snake, lynx, rabbit, lamb, beaver, weasel and raccoon, in a variety of colors). (Said the owner of the company hired to sell the furs: "I don't know whether she hated animals or loved them. It's hard to tell.") ++++++ How often do we kill things in the name of love? Relationships are doomed by our selfish and consuming needs.

It is said that an Eastern monarch once charged his counselors to invent him a sentence that would be true and appropriate in every sitatuation and circumstance. They presented him with these words, "And this too shall pass away."

A little boy named Danny lived with his family in a trailer. One day someone asked him, "Don't you wish you had a real home?" Danny's reply was wise beyond his years. He said, "We have a real home. We just don't have a house to put it in." A house and a home are very different. A house is just a physical structure, made perhaps of brick or wood or stone. It can be large or small. It may not even have persons inside. If a house does not include persons, their relationships lack love or commitment. By contrast, a home is a haven of shelter, acceptance, and unconditional love. It includes at least one person. In it each person's value is unlimited, and their mutual commitment is forever. Any decent contractor can construct a house. But only God can build a home.

Martin Luther revised his Bible translation 90 times in his lifetime. It has been revised every 50 years since until 1912 when we called it the `received version.' By: Rev. Craig Barnes Source: Rev. Craig Barnes, Sermon 1991