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Righteousness in the Bible is not a norm-prescribing ethics, but faithfulness to a relationship. The righteous person is loyal to the claims of all personal relationships.

permalink source: LaSor, Hubbard, Bush, OT Survey 2ed p 49
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"Good and bad is tricky," she said. "I ain't too certain about where people stand. P'raps what really matters is which way you face."

permalink source: Terry Pratchett [Granny Weatherwax in Witches Abroad, 251]
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God is more concerned about my generosity than about the impact of my generosity.

permalink source: Tim Stafford
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There can be no doubt that every man is exactly as close to God as he wants to be.

permalink source: A. W. Tozer
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Only he who flings himself upward when the pull comes to drag him down, can hope to break the force of temptation. Temptation may be an invitation to hell, but much more is it an opportunity to reach heaven. At the moment of temptation, sin and righteousness are both very near the Christian; but, of the two, the latter is the nearer.

permalink source: Charles Brent (1862-1929)
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Implications Of Errant Notions of Justification

[W]e must remind ourselves that the Catholic righteousness by good works is vastly preferable to a protestant righteousness by good doctrine. At least righteousness by good works benefits one’s neighbor, whereas righteousness by good doctrine only produces lovelessness and pride. Furthermore, we must not blind ourselves to the tremendous faith, genuine repentence, complete surrender and the fervent love for God and neighbor evident in the lives and work of many Catholic Christians. The Christian life is so rich that it develops its full glory not just in a single form or within the walls of one church. [found at Mouw's blog - http://www.netbloghost.com/mouw/?p=118]

permalink source: Herman Bavinck, The Certainty of Faith
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