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June 6, 1994, was the 50th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, which began the historic World War II battle to liberate continental Europe from Nazi control. All the major television networks ran anniversary programs that included interviews with aging veterans. One of the programs paired two contrasting interviews back to back. The first interview was with a marine who had landed on Omaha Beach. He recalled horrors that sounded like scenes from Steven Spielberg's Academy Award-winning movie Saving Private Ryan. The aging veteran recalled looking around at the bloody casualties surrounding him and concluding, "We're going to lose!" The next interview was with a U.S. Army Air Corps reconnaissance pilot who had flown over the whole battle area. He viewed the carnage on the beaches and hills, but he also witnessed the successes of the marines, the penetration by the paratroopers, and the effectiveness of the aerial bombardment. He looked at everything that was happening and concluded, "We're going to win!"

permalink source: Leith Anderson, Leadership That Works, (Minneapolis, Bethany House, 1999), pp. 164-165
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What you believe changes how you perceive your circumstances. Two people in exactly the same circumstances can draw diametrically opposed conclusions. That's the difference between cats and dogs. A dog looks at you and says, "You feed me, you take care of me, you pet me. You must be God!" A cat, on the other hand, looks at you and says, "You feed me, you take care of me, you pet me. I must be God!"

permalink source: inspired by a John Ortberg sermon illustration
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