The Top 13 Suprising Nostradamus Predictions for the Year 2000 13> And the empire of the Great Nerd of the West shall crumble, when the thinking machines are destroyed by two millenniums of insects. 12> The Anti-Christ will lose in personal combat with a small purple purse-carrying being with a triangle on its head. 11> The Empire of the Right shall be led by a simpleton who knoweth not the spelling of the fruits of the earth. 10> Women will take fitness advice from a hyperactive frizzy-haired man of questionable heterosexuality. 9> A man made of wood will lead the great nation of the eagle. 8> Devastation, fire, sword, pillage befalls the Elephant and the two-faced cow known as Linda. 7> In a town known as Slidell, in a place called Louisiana, in a country designated the United States, there will be an eatery referred to as Taco Bell, that will eventually fill a drive-thru order correctly. 6> The one-gloved king of the land known as Pop will form an unholy union with a particularly naughty chimpanzee. 5> A child will repeatedly conquer death, and his name shall be Kenny. 4> Joy and happiness reign supreme as five billion people realize they'll never again have to listen to a much-despised song by an ex-Prince. 3> Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win! 2> A giant, fiery ball will drop from the skies onto the Square of Times in the New City of York, causing much screaming and wailing. and Topfive.com's Number 1 Suprising Nostradamus Prediction for the Year 2000... 1> As the new millennium approaches, morons will cry out and hoard large quantities of food.

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