Peter F. Drucker: (on what are the most important lessons he's learned) ----------------- I hope you don't mind if I give you four lessons. - The first one, I call Harry Truman's maxim. Which I heard him say many times. "If it has to be explained, it won't work." It will only work if it's so simple that everybody says it's obvious. - And second, say 'please' and 'thank you,' manners matter. They are the lubricating oil of human intercourse. They make it possible for people to work with one another. - Third, one that applies to me, as a professional writer, but it applies to anybody. If a sentence doesn't gel, don't rewrite it. It's not that the sentence is not right, your thoughts are not clear or not thought through. - And finally, never ask who's right. Start out by asking what is right. And you find that out by listening to dissenting, disagreeing opinions. Those are the four most important things I learned.

source: Peter Drucker @ the Drucker Foundation Fall 2000 Conference tags: Leadership, Decisions, Simplicity, Planning