SPEAKING OF PASTORS... Ten pastors and ten youth pastors are going to a meeting by train. The ten pastors each have their own ticket, but the ten youth pastors (who have little money, of course) have one ticket between them. The pastors ask the youth pastors (in a caring manner), "How are you going to manage with only one ticket?" "Just watch," reply the youth pastors. They all get on the train and the 10 pastors take their seats and hand their tickets to the conductor. But the youth pastors all pile into a bathroom, and when the conductor comes by, a single arm reaches out and gives him the ticket. The pastors, feeling enlightened, decide to try the same thing on the way home, so they purchase just one ticket between the ten of them. The youth pastors buy NO ticket at all. "How are you going to get home?" ask the pastors. "Just watch," the youth pastors reply. When they get on the train, all the pastors pile into a bathroom. Nine youth pastors get into another bathroom. The tenth youth pastor then knocks on the pastors' bathroom door and says, "Ticket please." Out comes a single arm to hand over the ticket. The moral of the story: Don't use a technique unless you thoroughly understand the principle.

source: Anonymous tags: Problems, Solutions, Creativity