"The Top 15 Chinese Translations of English Movie Titles." It eventually became one of the most important lists in TopFive history, after the NY Times assumed our twisted titles were real and ran a story about them. That original list and the story about the commotion it caused can be found on our website: http://www.topfive.com/chinesemovies.html In the meantime, we thought it would be interesting to revisit that topic and see what happens *this* time... The Top 20 Chinese Translations of English Movie Titles (Part II) [ The Top 5 List www.topfive.com ] [ Copyright 2000 by Chris White ] 20> "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" -- "Subversive Capitalist Children Need to Learn Discipline in Red Army" 19> "Big Momma's House" -- "Black Man Dresses as Funny Fat Person, Yet Eddie Murphy is in a Different Theater!" 18> "Rush Hour" -- "Jackie Chan Not the Only Star Requiring Subtitles" 17> "Pokemon: The First Movie" -- "Japanese Monkeys With Typewriters Prove American Parents Will Buy Anything to Silence Children" 16> "Being John Malkovich" -- "Tiny People In My Brain, Stop Watching Me Urinate!!!" 15> "Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace" -- "Who Is Annoying Frog/Rabbit? Hand Me My Light-Sabre!" 14> "Ready To Rumble" -- "What Wrong With You? Don't Encourage Mr. David Arquette!!!" 13> "Stuart Little" -- "In America, People Happy to Live With Rats" 12> "Patch Adams" -- "Ha! Your Advance-Stage Cancer Amuses Me!" 11> "American Pie" -- "Why it is Advisable to Ban the Importation of American Baked Goods" 10> "The Blair Witch Project" -- "I Have Camcorder! Give Me 100 Million Dollars!" 9> "Life Is Beautiful" -- "Nazi Concentration Camps Are Fun for Whole Family!" 8> "Boogie Nights" -- "Oh My Chairman! Is That Thing REAL?!?" 7> "Fight Club" -- "Hello, Friend Who I Am Pleased to Have in My Association. NOW YOU MUST DIE BY MY FISTS!" 6> "The Thomas Crown Affair" -- "Forget plot! Watch for See-through Dress!" 5> "The Sixth Sense" -- "I Am Dead But I Must Still Go To Work!" 4> "Jaws" -- "Yum! Shark Fin Soup for Everyone!" 3> "American Beauty" -- "I Need Underage Neighbor Like I Need Hole in Head!" 2> "Pulp Fiction" -- "Hey! I Killed You Three Scenes Ago!" and Topfive.com's Number 1 Chinese Translation of an English Movie Title... 1> "There's Something About Mary" -- "Consider Button-Fly Pants Next Time, Stupid Capitalist!"

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