12 Least Popular Gifts for your Pets (by species) 12> Rabbit: "Fatal Attraction" video 11> Opossum or armadillo: "Roadkill Cafe" T-shirt 10> Porcupine: full-body massage 9> Sparrow: "Hitting Windows for Dummies" 8> Mole: cosmetics from the Cindy Crawford Collection 7> Sheep: inflatable Scotsman 6> Centipede: 50 pairs of 5-inch heel open toe pumps 5> Beaver: crotchless panties 4> Baboon: a thong bikini 3> Hyena: any Steve Gutenberg movie 2> Rabbit: Raisinets and Topfive.com's Number 1 Least Popular Gift in the Animal Kingdom... 1> Snail: Salt 'n' Pepa CD

source: Anonymous tags: Humor