Top 8 Signs your Significant Other is an Agent of SATAN 8> Constantly doing aerobics to "Sweatin' To The Eternal Fires of Damnation" video. 7> C'mon -- do you really think *God* would find a partner for a loser like you? 6> Brimstone and fire and the smell of sulfur every night, even when he hasn't had Taco Bell. 5> Claims she got that "Roast Suckling Child" recipe by watching Martha Stewart. 4> Uses a toaster to keep the bathwater hot. 3> You say, "I'd sell my soul for a good bagel in this town"; she pulls out a receipt pad. 2> The head rotating, the screaming and cursing, the pea soup vomit... and it's not even that time of the month! 1> While playing Go Fish, she asks, "Got any souls?"

source: Anonymous tags: Gender Issues, Humor