The average college student spends $208 on pizza, Starbucks, music, toothpaste, laundry and other discretionary items each month. Most of that money comes from home where nearly 2/3 of students receive money for spending (at an average of just over $300 a month). A survey by the Student Monitor indicates college students spend roughly $15 billion on their personal and social lives annually. When it comes to spending money, 69% of students say they ate out in the previous week, 47% shopped at a grocery store, 38% went to the movies and only 19% bought a cd. In addition to their weekly expenses, many own a variety of gadgets including cell phones (90%); DVD players (76%); TV's (73%); and iPods (37%). Just over half of all students work part time during the school year.

source: Seattle Times August 14, 2006 via Campus Ministry Update August 2006 tags: Money, College