Over Spring Break in March of 2006, 30 Chi Alpha students from Bozeman, MT traveled three days by bus to New Orleans to help people recover in the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina: "the most poignant moment came when a student, who is a relatively new Christian, walked into a ruined home and found a Bible still open on the kitchen table - where it has sat adhered by the original (and now dissipated) flood waters for months. 'The Bible was opened to Psalm 90 where it says <em>you are my dwelling place forever,</em>' Lant recalls. 'That moment really changed his life as he came to grips with the fact that earth was just a temporary residence . . . he now views things from a more spiritual perspective, what's most lasting in his life and how temporal materialism is.'"

source: AG News #1246: April 19, 2006 tags: Greed, Eternity