* Humbly receive correction from your coach and ask your coach how you can grow in character as well as athletic skill. * Thank your coaches for the way they have served you. And thank the referees after each game. * Encourage your teammates for their display of godly character and athletic skill--in that order of priority. * Encourage your opponents during and after the game. If you knock someone over, extend your hand to help them up. * Play the game passionately and unselfishly. Serve your team by playing aggressive defense [his father never did this] and passing the ball on offense [again, his father never did this]. * Humbly respond when the referee calls a foul on you. Do not complain or disagree in word or by facial expression [his father never did this]. * No inappropriate celebrating after you score; instead, recognize that others played a role [his father never did this]. * Thank the team manager for the way he served and recognize the humility and servanthood he is displaying each game. True greatness is sitting on the end of the bench.

source: C. J. Mahaney, advice to his son before every game tags: Competition, Sports