In the new book Preaching God's Word (Zondervan), the authors (Terry Carter, J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays) write, "I had a conversation once with a former navy diver about diving deep, really deep. He told me that he had been in situations so deep and dark that it was almost impossible to keep from becoming disoriented and confused. What a terrifying feeling -- being under water, unable to see your hands in front of your face, not knowing which way is up, panic engulfing you. I immediately interrupted my friend, 'So what did you do?' . . . "Feel the bubbles," he said. . . . When it's pitch black and you have no idea which way to go, you reach up with your hand and feel the bubbles. The bubbles always drift to the surface. When you can't trust your feelings or judgment, you can always trust the bubbles to get you back to the top.' "Apart from the experience of scuba diving, we need a way to determine what is real and true. Sometimes in life we get disoriented and desperate. At other times, we find ourselves drifting aimlessly. God knew that we would need advice and instructions about how to live. In the sixty-six books of the Bible we have a reality library -- stories, letters, guidelines, and examples from God that tell us what is true and real. In a world that is changing faster than we can imagine, we have something stable, true, and real. . . . "People who gather faithfully to hear a sermon need something more than noise generated by the surrounding culture; they need a word from God."

source: Preaching God's Word, Terry Carter, J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays tags: Trust, Bible