http://youngadultleaders.blogspot.com/2004/08/bridge-between-on-campus-and-off.html I don't think the key distinction is between on-campus and off-campus ministries. Instead it is between ministries that focus on traditional college students and ministries that focus on anyone who is youngish. There are four kinds of ministries relevant to our discussion: 1) Campus-based college ministry (Chi Alpha, Intervarsity, etc) 2) Church-based college ministry (www.ncncollege.com for a list in my district) 3) Church-based young adult ministry (you would know better than I) 4) Young-adult focused churches (they seem to be emerging everywhere) In my district (Nor Cal/Nev) there are a ton of church-based (off-campus) college ministries that I always invite to our events. I don't usually invite the young adult ministries directly--instead I invite any college students from the young adult ministry to join us just as I invite college students from all our churches to join us. To me it just seems obvious that a twenty-eight year old with a spouse is processing some different issues than a sophomore who lives in a dorm. Sometimes it doesn't matter (at a worship fest, for instance) and other times it does (at a retreat where the goal is building a campus-based community that will work collaboratively to reach their dormmates with the gospel). I hope that young adult ministries continue to build momentum in our movement and in our district, but the reason we're two different departments within the Assemblies is that we have different assignments. At times, that will prevent us from working together too closely. At other times, the synergy between us will be wonderful. It's going to vary wildly.

source: Glen Davis, blog comment to the Young Adult Leader guy tags: Campus Ministry