Top 10 Tips For Stanford Students 1. You've probably already been brainwashed to believe that most items should be washed after wearing once. You're in college now, and you should determine the truth of this statement for yourself. 2. Want to meet people? Wear a t-shirt that represents something cool or important about yourself the first day on campus. You'll quickly find friends with similar interests. Alternate assignment: wear a t-shirt for UC Berkeley your first day on campus. You'll probably meet even more people that way. 3. Take your overachieving ambitions down a few pegs. College is for more than classes, and you don't gain any real competitive advantage for grad school by taking 30 units a quarter. All you do is guarantee that some of the other, more significant, benefits of going to college don't accrue to you. 4. Don't sign up for credit cards. If you want to get things you can't afford, find a rich roommate. 5. Get a cell phone. Seriously. 6. Get a laptop instead of a desktop. Seriously. 7. If you haven't read Lord of the Flies in a while, dust if off and peruse it again. Think about it the next time you're inclined to trust the collective wisdom of your peers. 8. You will meet a significant number of people who are way better than you at things you enjoy being really good at. Befriend them and copy their homework. 9. Repeat after me: "Time I enjoy wasting is not wasted time." 10. Not many people know this, but participation in Chi Alpha has just been added as a requirement for graduation. You might as well get it out of your way your first year. Check us out online at http://www.xaStanford.org/

source: Glen Davis tags: College