RELIGIOUS COMMITMENT ON CAMPUS: A breakdown of how spiritual commitment varies among different college majors. Nineteen majors were surveyed; seven majors were not included because the sample size was insufficient. Level of religious commitment 62 percent: Fine arts majors 59 percent: Education 57 percent: Humanities 53 percent: Health professional 52 percent: Journalism 51 percent: Psychology 44 percent: Business 43 percent: Physical science 43 percent: Computer science 43 percent: Biological science 41 percent: History or political science 37 percent: Sociology Experienced high level of religious/spiritual growth during the first three years of college 46 percent: Education majors 40 percent: Fine arts 37 percent: Humanities 36 percent: Business 35 percent: Journalism 34 percent: Health professional 33 percent: Psychology 28 percent: Sociology 28 percent: Biological science 25 percent: History or political science 22 percent: Computer science 19 percent: Physical science Engaged in a "spiritual quest" 43 percent: Fine arts majors 42 percent: Humanities 38 percent: Psychology 37 percent: Journalism 33 percent: History or political science 31 percent: Biological science 30 percent: Sociology 29 percent: Education 26 percent: Health professional 24 percent: Business 23 percent: Computer science 19 percent: Physical science Express high level of "spiritual distress" 31 percent: Humanities majors 27 percent: Fine arts 25 percent: History or political science 24 percent: Sociology 24 percent: Journalism 24 percent: Psychology 22 percent: Biological science 21 percent: Physical science 18 percent: Health professional 17 percent: Education 15 percent: Business 10 percent: Computer science Source: Compiled by Kevin Eckstrom from Higher Education Research Institute/University of California at Los Angeles.

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