"Why do we demean daily work as “secular?” The Bible is full of people who went to work every day. They produce goods (cattle farmers - Abraham; vineyard tenders - Amos; iron workers - Tubalcain; carpenters - Jesus; tentmakers - Priscilla; and textile producers - ?.) Manage resources (grain supplies - Joseph; employee/slaves - Onesimus; building projects - Nehemiah; armies - Deborah; finances - Matthew; and governments - Hezekiah.) Serve the public (medicine - Luke; courts - ?; civil rights - Moses; public finance - ?; community development - Barnabas; urban rehabilitation - Ezra.) Performers and entertainers (musicians - Miriam; sculptors - ?; seamstresses - ?; dancers - David; worship leaders - Zachariah; writers - Paul, Luke, Solomon. God does not view these people and their work as ignoble, irrelevant or ‘secular.’ By including them in the Scriptures they become a 'great cloud of witnesses' encouraging us to faithfulness and obedience in all that we do.

source: Pete Hammond, MP Networks, Summer, 1989 tags: Work