Vance Havner was one of the most quotable preachers of the 20th century. Dennis Hester has devoted considerable effort to collecting and editing Havner's work, and his latest collection is When God Breaks Through (Kregel). It is a delightful gathering of revival sermons preached by Havner over the years. In one sermon, "Showdown on Mount Carmel," Havner points out that spiritual fire is "not worked up from down here. It comes from above. We must die to all the efforts of the flesh to please God, and then there will be plenty of use for sanctified enthusiasm, hard work, plans, programs, but only after the altar has been set on fire. "Fruit growers use baskets, and in the church we have to have organization methods and programs. They're important and necessary. But if the fruit crop fails and there's no life in the trees, you're not going to improve matters by buying better baskets. Today we're turning out the best baskets we've ever had, but there's a failure in the fruit crop."

source: Vance Havner tags: Planning, Organization