Tim Wilkins was once involved in a homosexual lifestyle. Today he is a Christian and has a ministry to persons struggling with homosexuality. In his most recent newsletter, he writes: "Society in general and churches in particular mistakenly believe freedom from homosexuality is marrying, having 2.3 children and a dog in the back yard. A 2001 secular study on the possibility of change shows the depth of this ingrained 'doctrine'. Dr. Robert Spitzer, a Columbia University professor interviewed men and women who said they used to be homosexual; I was one of many he questioned. As beneficial as his study was and as much as I appreciate the visibility it gave to change, his study measured heterosexual function of the former homosexual — again missing the real issue. "But" you ask, "don't homosexuals need to become heterosexuals?" No! Scripture never states nor implies all people must be heterosexual; it does say explicitly, however, that we are to avoid all forms of sexual immorality, which includes homosexuality. With that in mind have we not at times given the impression that homosexuals must "convert" to heterosexuality? Jesus did not say "Go and make [heterosexuals]"; He said, "go and make disciples." "But" you ask, "isn't heterosexuality the opposite of homosexuality?" No! The opposite of homosexuality is holiness! The term "former homosexual" is inadequate if not inappropriate. We mistakenly think a person who has found freedom from same-sex attractions is now heterosexual. The former homosexual man or woman may now experience heterosexual feelings, but heterosexuality should never be his or the churches' goal. Heterosexuality is in many cases, but not all, a byproduct of the homosexual's dealing with the primary issues — a distorted self-image and faulty thinking — both of which Satan uses to "gain control." The church will do well to remember that singleness is not a sin, immorality is. What all this means is that most of churches' advice to the homosexual misses the mark entirely! . . . During my own journey out of homosexuality I made a significant discovery — Jesus Christ is not a means to an end. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. I did not go to Christ to get something else, namely heterosexuality. I went to Christ to get Him! When we learn this truth, we will witness prison doors falling off their hinges and chains disintegrating." (You can visit Tim's website at www.CrossMinistry.org)

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