[note: Jerod gave me permission to use this however I want, whenever I want] Glen, So I am in Dallas with Crysten Coy attending Henri's support raising siminar. He used your video about how to relate with churches and it was very cool. He is emailing it out to a few of the people in the group who expressed interst in seeing it a few more time to take down the info. So in the support raising phonebook sized binder we are working through, there is a part on vision. One of the questions asks who has influemced you in your call to ministry? Of course I wrote you down as someone who influenced me. Then I thought about that for a second: the whole time I was doing my laundry and eating your food never realized that whole thing was a discipleship setup! I was being discipled, and I just now realized it. You are a tricky one Glen Davis. Tricky. I just wanted to say thanks for that. Now I have support raising homework to work on. Just thought I would let you know that. Godspeed. Jerod

source: Jerod Quinn in an email 10/25/2003 subject line "so I just now realized…." tags: Relationships, Discipleship, College, Hospitality