hey, many have reciprocated my last informative note. kinda want details... thusly, will give a truncated version that will suffice. 6 yrs ago we (linda and moi) built our house (of houses). many of yall ( or you guys) have been guests, yes? so...you are "in the know". well, about 3 months ago.... a confidant of ours visited us apres' church on a sunday. stayed the afternoon- conversing about everything under the sun (and above it). he stated -when praying for linda- he saw linda as a 25 yr old girl on an island in the S. Pacific.... God wanted her to recapture that time of incredible faith... when she scoured the world as a single girl. he told us- God wanted us out of "our" house... in order to position us. well, "isaac" had been previously on the altar (to no avail). the next morning, linda started cleaning closets in faith. that night (monday) she prayed. as i retired, she asked for my assistance in prayer.... i inquired of God to speak to us supernaturally- as in a dream. that friday- linda called me. she wanted to buy a ticket to help the st. jude cause (cancer research in memphis). prizes are given- the grand prize is a house. it is a cumulative effort by contractors across the city. the drawing occurred sunday afternoon on local tv. linda won. the ratio: one to 11,000. $100 ticket. afterwards she informed me- the night we prayed she dreamt. God told her she would win a house. she did not know of any such house save the st. jude house. she did not know if the drawing had in fact taken place. "everyone in lafayette knows about the effort." so- she went by the house to see if the drawing was over. she had about 4 days left. she prayed over the house fully confident in what was revealed to her. also, she was a bit anxious. friday before sunday she purchased a ticket. she drove haley (our 12 yr. old) to the house and -again- prayed. sunday, after the drawing she told me of the dream!! wow, a trip, no? 5 days later i get a call. an african-american lady was on the line. she told me her name and where she attended church. she had been interceeding for the house during construction. she- during prayer- asked the Lord if He would give it to her. He replied the house was for a minister, his wife, and 2 kids. copesetic, man... we, as of now, have moved. our house sold exactly 7 weeks to the hour. ministry is now afforded. and feasible. linda and i, conjunctively, are serving and discipling kids via the ministry of master's commission. if you (and you do) know us- that is our... well, better put: that is jimmy and linda.

source: Jimmy Tate tags: Money, Prayer, Providence, Provision