Pick the best answer among the following options 1. My last meal: a) had at least one type of food that had parents, or b) was comprised solely of vegetables. 2. The most evil leader of the 20th century was: a) Joseph Stalin or, b) Ronald Reagan. 3. If a burglar broke into my house this evening I would rather: a) shoot him, or b) find out why he hated me. 4. It is morally reprehensible to: a) abort an eight-month-old human fetus, or b) slaughter a chicken for human consumption. 5. I am firmly convinced of the existence of: a) moral absolutes, or b) global warming. 6. I am more likely to watch: a) Fox News, or b) Al Jazeera. 7. If I were sitting on a runway for several hours inside an American Airlines jet that was experiencing “temporary technical problems,” I would want a copy of: a) Treason, by Ann Coulter, or b) Living History, by Hillary Clinton. 8. The best way to invest for retirement is with: a) an IRA, or b) social security. 9. The Constitution guarantees each adult the right to: a) bear arms, or b) engage in homosexual sodomy. 10. Kindergartners should never hear this word in the classroom: a) vagina, or b) God.

source: August 25, 2003 column by Mike S. Adams: "My new affirmative action hiring proposal" tags: Politics