Hey Glen. Here's the sources: Jerry Parsley, the Regional Director for AGWM Eurasia said, and I quote him accurately, "No one has done for the Middle East and North Africa what Chi Alpha has done." He went on to elaborate on our teams and long term vision, long-term missionaries, and impact. The quote that XA is sending the best missionaries has come from Regional Directors Jerry Parsley and Greg Mundis (Europe). Nancy Hand from AGWM special ministries has also told me she hears many times in closed doors how XA is sending the best in missionaries and teams. Yes, the statement made that XA is the largest producer of missionaries for AGWM today needs to be taken in the context that over the past 2 years we have produced more than a single bible college. I think though that if they really looked at it, we probably produce more than the majority of our bible schools collectively in terms of people coming directly out of the BC vs. our people coming out of XA.

source: E Scott Martin in an email August 11, 2003 tags: Missions, Chi Alpha