Every age has its own outlook. It is specially good at seeing certain truths and specially liable to make certain mistakes. We all, therefore, need the books that will correct the characteristic mistakes of our own period. And that means the old books. All contemporary writers share to some extent the contemporary outlook �even those, like myself, who seem most opposed to it� None of us can escape this blindness, but we shall certainly increase it, and weaken our guard against it, if we read only modern books� The only palliative is to keep the clean sea breeze of the centuries blowing through our minds, and this can be done only by reading old books. Not, of course, that there is any magic about the past. People were no cleverer then than they are now; they made as many mistakes as we. But not the same mistakes.

source: C. S. Lewis, from his introduction to St. Athanasius, On the Incarnation (Crestwood, NY: St. Vladimir's Theological Seminary, 1946), 4-5. tags: Books, Reading