A man who ended his marriage will become his ex-wife's stepfather when he marries her mother. George Greenhowe, 22, will marry Pat Smith, 44, in Arbroath, and his ex-wife Allison has agreed to act as bridesmaid. The wedding will take place in the town's Register Office - the same venue for the wedding of Allison, 19, and George last year. Until recently, the three lived under the same roof in Wardykes, Arbroath, says the Daily Record. Allison only moved back in with her father, Allan, because there was no room in the council house she shared with her mum, ex-husband and pets, including an alsatian, five pups, two cats, a hamster and a parrot. Pat says Allison has forgiven her for taking her husband. "Allison told us she hopes we are happy and she even calls my future husband her stepdad." But Patricia Williamson, Pat's elderly mother, has disowned her daughter. She said: "I have completely washed my hands of my daughter. It is news to me that they are getting married. I certainly won't be going to the service and I don't know anyone from the family who will be attending."

source: News24.com 3/19/2003 tags: Family, Marriage