Thrifty Car Rental sponsors an annual Honeymoon Disasters Contest (www.honeymoondisasters.com), and they have received stories on everything from mudslides to Montezuma's revenge. For example, on their way to Nevada, Paul and Leah Lusk of Sugar City, Idaho, flipped their car into floodwaters. When they emerged, Paul, who had hit his head, couldn't remember the accident, recognize his bride, or recall he'd just been married. Then there is the story of Chris and Doug of Clovis, California, who honeymooned in Cancun, Mexico. They lounged by the pool, ate terrific seafood buffets, and went dancing. Back at the hotel, six-foot-three, 255-pound Doug playfully threw his bride on the bed. He landed on her and broke two bones in her right leg. Three hours, one plate, and eight screws later, Chris was left with an $11,000 hospital bill that insurance wouldn't cover. Mae and Kyle of Richmond, Virginia, who were finalists in Thrifty's contest last year, were forced to listen to the comedian on their cruise ship joke about the Titanic movie. Then the couple awoke to the horrible sound of crunching metal and the captain's order to abandon ship. Their lifeboat made it to shore in St. Maarten, where the cruise line put them up at a nudist colony.

source: PreachingToday.com tags: Love, Marriage