By AMBROSE CLARK TEHRAN - Arab men are going wild over an outrageous new entertainment craze that's taken this city by storm - wet burqa contests! Drooling, cheering men are packing makeshift nightclubs where shapely gals get hosed down while wearing the burqa - which clings to every curve and corner of their bodies even though they're wearing a garment designed for the ultimate in modesty. Modeled after the wet T-shirt contests that show off America's most buxom young beauties, the burqa competitions award cash prizes in categories including Best Breasts and Butt. "No one ever said a woman in a burqa couldn't get wet and shake it," shrugs Mohammed Benradi, who runs the racy contests. "They tell us that women have to wear the burqa in public. That's what they're doing. "They're just doing a little more for us, that's all." You can find a wet burqa contest in at least six different locations in Tehran on just about any night if you know where to look - and whom to ask. Fear of reprisals by strict religious officials keeps the contest locations secret and ever-changing. "You have to work a little to find the party, but it's worth it," one man sighs during a break at one of Benradi's contests. "The girls are really built, and Mohammed uses so much water on them they might as well be naked! "But they're not naked, that's the wonderful thing," he adds. "We get all the fun of sinning, but we have not really sinned." It's not just men who are cramming into the sexy shows. Women are also lining up to compete. "Mohammed is very good to us - he doesn't let the men touch us or use bad language," says a 20-year-old contestant who identifies herself only as Resa. Resa says Benradi awards generous prize money: The equivalent of $100, which is an enormous sum to many of Tehran's poorer residents. "I have won three times," Resa says proudly, "and my family has been eating very well because of it. And no one can tell it's me under there, so I am not ashamed. "I'm glad Mohammed came up with this idea," she adds. "We've had to wear these awful things for years now - it's about time we got something out of it."

source: Weekly World News 2/14/2003 tags: Lust, Sex, Legalism