If you're too cold, or too hot, at the office, you can always adjust the thermostat, right? Maybe. If you have access to it. But it turns out that even if a thermostat is within reach, it may be a fake. The Wall Street Journal quoted air conditioning experts in Wednesday's editions as saying a lot of office thermostats aren't connected to anything. They're just there to give employees a feeling of control and perhaps to shut them up about how hot or cold it is. Sometimes the employer who's leasing office space doesn't even know the thermostat is a fake. Other times, it's the employer who arranges for it. One specialist in Illinois estimated that 90 percent of office thermostats are dummies -- although others say the figure is less than 2 percent. He said that sooner or later, you just get tired of the complaints and just attach a phony thermostat. "They quit calling you," he said.

source: news story 1/15/2003 (denver news channel online) tags: Perception, Lying