David Wilcox, one such thinker, has released 10 critically acclaimed folk albums and sustained a successful music career for over a decade. In his songwriting he unapologetically discusses aspects of his Christian faith, though he has never done so with the help of a Christian label... “The lyrics of Christian music are about as deep as top 40 love songs, which are just about the initial crush, not sustaining a relationship,” said Wilcox. “It’s ‘Jesus is my boyfriend.’ There is no talk about what happens when that love is threatened by reality.” ... “When I scan through those stations, I usually listen until somebody lies to me,” he said. “I make it through a whole song sometimes. It makes me so sad, because I hear them saying things that I know they know aren’t true. It breaks the sacred trust between writer and listener.”

source: Relevant article: CCM: Looking Past the Numbers by Jewly Hight tags: Worship, Music