I have chosen the image of the journey because I think it is the deepest and most universal image in human life. And a number of my friends who are apologists say, "Well, that's not logical." And I come back and say that it is actually more logical than their approach, working from logic alone in syllogisms, is logic alone! But good apologetics, I think, is logic brought to bear on life. Because the hardest journey is the journey from the head to the heart to the will. So an individual actually moves and finally bows to God. And so, to actually describe the course of a real human journey--which is partly logic, partly will, partly heart and so on--is more logical because it is the description of reality, rather than those who arguments are purely logic in a narrow sense. And very few human beings live on pure logic alone, even philosophers.

source: Os Guiness in Just Thinking Fall 2001 tags: Apologetics