The Ten Commandments of Worship, apparently found in an old English church. 1. Thou shalt not come to service late, nor for the Amen refuse to wait. 2. When speaks the organ's sweet refrain, the noisy tongue thou shalt restrain. 3. But when the Hymns are sounded out, thou shalt lift thy voice and shout. 4. And when the Anthem thou shalt hear, thy sticky voice thou shalt not clear. 5. The endmost seat thou shalt leave free, for more must share the pew with thee. 6. The offering plate thou shalt not fear, but give thine uttermost with cheer. 7. Thou shalt the minister give heed, nor blame him when thou art disagreed. 8. Unto thy neighbor thou shalt bend, and, if a stranger, make a friend. 9. Thou shalt in every way be kind, compassionate and of tender mind. 10. And so, by all the Spirit's grace, thou shalt find God within this place.

source: Anonymous tags: Church, Worship