Issue # 1...ROBERT CLINTON ON LEADERSHIP EXPLORER: What trips up most leaders? CLINTON: Few leaders finish well. The ones that don't finish well predominantly lose it in the middle game, not in the end game. In looking at leaders who don't finish well, I have identified six barriers that stop them. One is pride. There is a proper pride in recognizing who you are and operating out of what God's done for you, but there is also the danger of an inordinate pride, pridefulness. Abuse of power is another. It happens when leaders operate unjustly or unfairly with people or because of their position and they start taking privileges or they influence people wrongly. A third one is lack of integrity with finances. Family issues, all the way from divorce or dysfunctional relationships between husband and wife or children, are a fourth barrier. Sexual issues are the fifth barrier and I'm not talking about simply adulterous affairs. I'm talking pornography and other sexually related issues. The last barrier is plateauing. Some plateauing is good. If you've been through something intense, it allows you to take a step back but over the long haul, you've got to move on and off the plateau.

source: Leadership Network Explorer Lite #26 tags: Failure, Leadership