Wayne Cordeiro Senior Pastor New Hope Christian Fellowship Honolulu, HI 1. Equipping team leaders is not about creating or making leaders but rather about releasing people's dreams about what they can be and do for God. 2. Leading teams involves a commitment to make "lateral moves" natural. If members of your team are in a place that's not a fit ... PROMOTE them laterally to another role or another team that is a better match with God's design in their life. 3. Team goals and success are not about "getting across the line first" but rather about how many people the team brings with them. 4. The team leader is not called to be a JUDGE of character but rather a COACH of character. Mike Slaughter Senior Pastor Ginghamsburg Church Tipp City, OH 1. The 90's model of team leadership was focused on methodologies driven by business models. The rising models are focused on the character and soul of leadership. 2. Core of team leadership has moved beyond speed and information to spirit and wisdom. 3. The first purpose of team leaders is to demonstrate the presence of the rule of God. 4. Leaders of teams need coaches/ trainers that are selected based on "contagious spirit," integrity, gifts, ability to influence and replicate the church's DNA. 5. Team leaders are inspired, informed, empowered and engaged. George Barna Barna Research Group Barna 2001 Seminar Ventura, CA Team-based leadership is superior to individual-based leadership because it: 1. is biblical. 2. eliminates the leader as super-hero model. 3. models true community. 4. reduces stress among leaders. 5. benefits from synergy. 6. increases innovation. 7. facilitates joy through service. 8. frees people to use their gifts as God intended. 9. allows numerical growth without centralization. 10. reduces the church's dependence upon the Senior Pastor.

source: e.quipper Feb-Mar 2001 tags: Ministry, Teams