greetings earthlings, Yes, I know there are many other Bump's out there, but I think I am the only one that distributes literature known as Bump's World, "The Adventures of J.D. Bump" I know it sounds fictional at times, but crazy stuff really does happen to me, ie... The other day I went took a missionary, Grady Smalling (Romania) to the airport in Tulsa. After dropping Grady off I decided to visit a friend of mine in Tulsa. I took directions in my head not writing them on paper, big mistake...I turned on the right street but could not remember if his house was the 4th or 5th on the right or left, he told me to look for his old red Taurus in the driveway...ah ha...I found it on the right. The one time in my life that I am actually going to be ornery, I saw that the garage door was open, proceeded to go in through the garage door entrance without knocking, whoops, as I creeped down the hallway a lady suddenly appeared that I didn't recognize...looks like I got the wrong house...scared her to death...went out the back door in a hurry (big dog) I looked across the street and there was a red taurus which also happened to be my friend's taurus...let this be a lesson, sneak up on your friends but take better directions. Pray for my cousin Ryan who is going to Senegal with the Peace Corp...he's a true brother to me. J.D. Bump

source: J.D. Bump in an email dated 3/11/2001 tags: Mistake, Surprise