ยท Survey Reveals Sex Practices of Boys: A recent study by the Urban Institute provides the first national data on the sexual practices of 15-19 year old boys. While much has been made of pregnancy prevention, sex education programs have talked little about behaviors which don't lead to pregnancy. The study found that while 55% of the boys claimed to have had sexual intercourse, over 2/3 had participated in some other sexual behavior such as oral sex, anal sex, or masturbation by a female. The study found that most boys do not consider these "activities" as sex, but do see them as a precursor or substitute for vaginal intercourse. A separate study of college students also found that more than half of undergraduates do not find oral sex to be a break of abstinence. Regardless of the exact definition of what constitutes "sexual relations," health experts are concerned about these behaviors which can be risky. Incidents of pharyngeal gonorrhea have increased dramatically in adolescent girls. Experts are looking into revamping sex education to include information about these other sexual behaviors. (Time online, December 19, 2000)

source: Ivy Jungle tags: Sex, Morality, College