I thought Tiger Woods was crazy. What in the world did he have in his mind anyway? Here is the man who dominated the pro-golf world, who had won the prestigious Masters, who was blasting 300 yard drives, hitting crisp iron shots at the pins, like shooting darts, and draining putts from every spot on the green. Here is the man who had already won several million dollars in prize money, who had gained over sixty million bucks from endorsements, and was being hailed as the next Jack Nicklaus. Now...this man...on top of the golf world...takes time out to...change the way he swung the golf club! Was he out of his mind? When asked, Wood replied, "I wasn't in the greatest of positions on my swing. Because my timing was great, I got away with it. But I wondered how I could contend in tournaments where my timing was off. The answer was 'no.' I wanted to change that." He phoned his old coach, Butch Harmon, and said he wanted to rebuild his swing. The two of them went to work, pounding a zillion golf balls on the practice range, reviewing tapes of Woods' swing, and, slowly but surely, reforming the way this brilliant golfer manipulated the club. So? So this year of 2000, Woods simply won 3 of the 4 majors. And more money than he can ever spend. The best wanted to get better! That, to me, is the legacy of Tiger Woods.

source: Dan Betzer tags: Excellence, Practice, Golf